• UGL has a wealth of experience in dealing with customs procedures where a hands-on approach is essential. We are able to expedite custom clearances on import consignments at our depots and at all other major UK ports and airports. We have a direct link to the Customs computer systems which enable us to arrange efficient and speedy clearances and arrange delivery. This can be on a special same day delivery or on our regular next day service.

    Urgent and 'just in time' shipments are a speciality and we can arrange 24 hour coverage if required.

    With our network of overseas agents worldwide we can obtain the most advantageous rates and routings to suit our customer’s needs. Once you have placed your order, let us know and via our appointed representatives we can progress chase with the supplier and monitor the total movement of your shipment until it reaches its final point of delivery.

    With Our global network we not only provide in-house export and import customs clearance including border control formalities but also offer a complete menu of customs brokerage services including:

    1. Tariff classification and duty file maintenance
    2. Import and export clearance
    3. Duty drawback application
    4. Consulting services and advice
    5. Pre-shipment authorisation and pre-clearance
    6. Export document preparation
    7. Electronic connection to customs.

    We assist our clients in the event of a Customs audit. The quality of information contained in our database allows for cross-referencing of shipments, customs entry numbers, orders and products. This functionality will be a major time saver when carrying out a customs audit or completing duty drawbacks.